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If you landed on this page you may be looking for answers about your life direction and purpose. You may look for healing in your life, either in your body or  also in your mind and soul. Maybe you feel stuck in your past, knowing you can do more but don’t know how. Or maybe you just wish to know what comes next in your life.


My aim is to help you find an answer to all of the above, in this website’s pages. If there is more you wish to see in here, please feel free to leave a comment here and give me your feedback, which is much appreciated.


I love to give something special for each person who benefits from the services offered here, starting with healing options based on your personal needs and ending with these little gifts and loyalty programs.


  • Unleash Your Inner Hero™

My main focus is on helping you find your unique life path, your purpose and manifest your deepest desires. When you find your vocation and look for ways of sharing it with others, all the rest falls into place in your life. That is because you find inner fulfilment, you find that inner drive that pushes you to do what is right for yourself.


Either you look into improving your relationships, career, finances or spiritual journey, all these become possible when your mind works in line with your body and soul.


The good news is that each of these aspects can be healed and brought back to its natural state. By accessing my 1:1 coaching services (courses coming soon) you can reach your own ideal balance. Remember, nobody could live your own life better than you do.


I know we all resonate with a certain type of energy. I know that if we are to work together, we need to resonate at an energetic level in order to have good results.


That is why I warmly invite you to book a FREE virtual coffee with me by clicking here. During this video talk you can tell me what you are struggling with, what kind of help you are looking for and I can tell you if there is any way I can help you.


You will receive one idea you can implement into your life immediately. There is no obligation attached to this friendly chat. You don’t commit yourself to buying anything if you book this coffee time here.


If you wish to learn more about how to manifest your ideal life, please sign up to the newsletter using this link. That is how you will find out about new inspiring and educational blogs, future webinars and courses that will be launched on this subject.


  • Heal your body, mind and spirit

Energy healing is a big part of my work, because it involves a complex approach to what happens in the mind, body and soul. We all have positive and negative thoughts. A negative thought held long enough in your mind will create a change in your energy field (this is how manifestation works, by the way). If your energy field holds this imbalance for long enough, the body will follow the same pattern and will create a physical condition manifested as a disease or physical discomfort. Medical treatment can help healing the physical condition and energy healing does not replace a medical treatment, it complements it.

What energy healing does is to restore the energy field to its normal state so that the body follows the new pattern. While a medical treatment can heal a certain condition, it may not erase the root cause and if you don’t make any changes in your thought pattern, in your energy field, that condition can come back. Energy healing is meant to find that root cause and change it so that your body stays healthy.

The healing tools I use are Reiki (Usui, Karuna, Shambala), Sekem and Shamanic healing systems, Angel  Intuitive healing and cards readings. The transformation happens on manifesting the life that you want, healing ill state, issues that keep you stuck in certain situations, relationships improvement, dealing with stress and anxiety, healing past trauma, forgiveness and self love. When we work on our purpose disease disappears, wrinkles dissolve, and feelings of exhaustion are taken over by feelings of happiness and fulfilment.

Either you wish to just detoxify from negative energy, heal your body, mind or spirit or just look for a very relaxing experience, below you can find details on how to contact me and book a session or just have a chat. If you wish to know more details I warmly invite you to read the healing section of this website.

  • Angel readings

Sometimes things may become rough in your life and when this happens we all look for guidance. It may come from a relative you trust, a friend or it may come from your angels. We all have at least two guardian angels (or spirit guides) who stay with us for the whole of our lives. One of them is the comforting angel who helps you through hard times, who holds your hand when you feel alone. The other guardian angel is the one pushing you into action. Did you ever feel a strong impulse to do something or go somewhere and it felt as if an external force was pushing you into that action? Well that is your guardian angel sending you to follow your life path.

If you are looking for guidance on how to take decisions or answers to your questions, come and have a reading. Your angels speak to me through thoughts, visions and through tarot and oracle cards.

Angel blessings!