We all want love in our lives. By our nature, we are not built to live alone, we need community and communication to feel complete. We need someone to share our lives with, our wins and loses and the best person to listen to us in any situation is our life partner. If you are still looking for that meaningful relationship, the one in a life time, these 7 steps to find the love of your life are meant to help you get there.

If you are here reading this blog, you must have gone through heartbreak, had an incompatible partner and your heart had been hurt. I have been there myself many times and the first thing I want to tell you is that each experience we have counts towards our personal development. If it wasn’t for that unhappy experience, maybe you wouldn’t have grown to the strong person you are today.


So let’s go to the 7 tips to manifest your ideal partner and my prayer for you is that by the time you take all these steps your ideal partner appears in an instant.

  1. Forgive your previous partner. 

Yes, you heard it right. Forgive the one who hurt you, not to accept what  they did to you, but to clear yourself from that past hurt. If you want to move on to the next happy experience in your life, you cannot drag your past with you.

Try this exercise: put your past experiences in bags or trolleys. Now imagine yourself tied with a rope to all these bags and see yourself walking towards your future life. How hard it is to walk while you drag all those bags with you?

Now cut that rope, leave all that baggage behind and feel how light you become and how easy it is now to move on. You can do this exercise with anything you feel that drags you down, by  the way.

You see, forgiveness is meant to set you free from all those negative emotions you cary around. No matter how much you blame your past partner, that blame goes on yourself as well at subconscious level. If you instead learn to see this as a life experience, you will focus on the lesson you can learn from it and then just move on.

2. Get clear on what you want.

Ambiguous wishes will bring you ambiguous outcomes. If you just want someone, anyone, to fill the empty space in your house or in your heart, chances are you will find again someone who will end up hurting you. Not because they are bad people, but because they are not the right ones for you. So if you want a stable partner who loves and appreciates you, get clear on who that person is.

Take your time and picture him or her in your mind. How they look like? What are their qualities? What are the mandatory character traits you want to see in this partner? How you want them to make you feel? How you want to make them feel when they are with you? Do this exercise more than once until you have the clear picture in your mind and you feel there is nothing else to add to it.

3. Where would that partner hang out? 

Now that you know who you want to manifest in your life, take a moment to think where such a person would be. As an example, if you want your partner to be a good dancer, you may not find him at a fast food restaurant, but you have big chances to find him at a dance class. If you want a sober partner you will surely not find that partner in a club, but rather at a book store, or a library or at an event.

When you established where that partner could be, go there! Do that activity you want to see your partner doing and go into the groups doing that activity. Your partner is already there waiting for you.

4. Develop the qualities within yourself. 

Like attracts like. If you are the opposite of what you want in your partner, chances are they will not like you, and maybe you would not like such a person either. This is why it is important to go through step 2 until you are clear on your heart’s desire.

When you know how your partner must be, you will realise either you have already those qualities or you want to have them. Now look for ways to develop those qualities within yourself. When you feel and behave the same as your partner, they will notice you and like you. They will want to be around you because they will see common grounds with you.


5. Be happy!

It is known that true happiness doesn’t depend on external factors. If you allow yourself to be happy only in certain external circumstances, when those conditions are no longer met your happiness disappears. Instead if you learn to be happy inside, no matter what happens in the outside world independent of your choice, you can stay happy.

Two tools that can help you stay positive are gratitude and acceptance. These are not the subject of this post. Next week I will post more about how to find inner happiness and until then you can read this blog post to help you get started.

If you complete this step alone you are already on the path to attract a lot of types of people and then you get to choose the one you want. This happens because we are all naturally attracted to happy people. Happiness is our soul’s natural state so when we see happy people we instinctively feel attracted to them. If you stay happy people will want to be around you. You don’t need to do anything for them or to them, they will come to you and will want to stay.

6. Love yourself exactly the way you are. 

You want to find someone now and you want that person to love you the way you are today. If you would want someone to love you if you look better, have a better job or a better bank account, then you wouldn’t look for a partner now. You would be too busy changing your body fitness, or your job or your bank account.

As said in step 5, people are naturally attracted to happiness. How can you be happy in your heart  if you tell yourself I’m too ugly, or too fat, or not good enough in any way. You may attract the right partner but will they stay with you? Will they be able to love you if you don’t consider yourself lovable?

No matter what you do or what you did in the past, remember that there is a reason behind all our actions and experiences. If you take everything as a lesson, you will just learn what you can take from it and move on. The fastest you get to do that, the easier it will be to love yourself here and now.

7. Don’t chase love.

You don’t get what you chase, you get what you are. Fall in love with yourself every day and let your love story unfold itself naturally. If you try to force things to happen, you will miss the journey and maybe even make the wrong choice for yourself.

Give yourself time to get to know someone, to discover them with each day, without setting expectations. If you meet someone allow yourself to get to know them without being attached to a certain outcome. If that person will not be your life partner they may become a new friend or it may be that through that person you will meet the love of your life. Stay open to possibilities, allow the Universe to put you on your own path to finding love.

Now let me help you clear the step 1 I wrote above as that is one of the most important ways to get love back in your life. You can win a FREE “broken heart” healing session with me. All you need to do is to leave a comment below and tell me your story. I will give a free heart healing session ( worth $80) to the person I feel drawn to.

I pray you find the love of your life, stay happy and with your happiness raise the vibration of our planet.

7 thoughts on “7 Steps To Find The Love Of Your Life

  1. My HEART IS TRULY BROKEN TROUGH ALL THESE YEARS.I am almost 29 and I never was happy.My parents are so awful pair,they are always fighting and hurting each other.I was really helpless to say anything,just lived and still living in that pain.Most of all,I never healed it.They do it either now,when I have my own kids.In order to excape all that pain,I got married when I was 19 with older men,and I didn’t know anything about realtionships,love or marriage.I just wanted to end my suffering,and to forget all.BUT,as you think,it didn’t happen. I thought he will be safe sanctuary for me,my soul,but No..He quickly began to behave as my father too.All these years I am fighting,suffering,and thinking a lot about all..I began to pray,and some days are just better…The only light point are my two wonderful kids..I think I have to heal my past,my childhood to end with this…Some days looks like I live in hell,all with arguing,fighting,trying,…I lost touch with myself for all this time…Please,do anything if you can to help me heal.I dont know who I am,what to do etc..but I read a lot,listening to videos about spirituality and trying to understand and help myself…I would appreciate even just advice in that direction.Thank you very much.Nada

    1. Hi Nada. Unfortunately too many girls marry too soon because they want to run away from home. And we always look for our father figure in the partner. In your case the father figure is not a healthy example and you cannot manifest another figure until you heal your past experiences. I know so many times we go into blame, we allow the responsibility to our lives to be taken by those who shape us. In fact my next week blog and probably also the live Facebook will be about taking responsibility for our lives. I would warmly invite you to participate. I think you are part of my group and I will post there the event with date and time of the live Facebook session.
      You see, when we say: my parents did that, my parents taught me that, in fact we give our own power away to our parents. The same when you allow your husband to make you unhappy. Happiness is a choice, but this concept is a bit difficult to understand. Yes, you were a little girl, scared of life, seeing negative examples at home and it must have been very hard for you. But now you are a grown up and you don’t have to live on others’ standards anymore.
      You can take charge of your life, of your experiences, of everything that happens to you. Even when the environment is not a friendly one, you can still change your perception and your feelings.It’s not something that changes over night, you have to take clear action and commit yourself to change your life, but it can be done and the end always makes it worth it.

  2. Thank you a lot for the advice, I will follow it and hopefully it will change something in my life.

  3. Omg this has just spoken to my heart. I’m so glad i read it because it was definitely worth it. Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance ❤️ I really appreciate it!🙏🏼

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