Dear Reader,
My name is Anamaria, I grew up surrounded by Carpathian Mountains in a physically stable family. I was an indigo child living in a very well earth grounded family who took me as an “over-sensitive” child. There was no information about indigos available for them at those times and it would have taken a lot of awareness for an Elemental type mother (fairy) and a hard working father to be able to communicate, understand and educate a person like me who doesn’t judge by appearance, who always knew there is more about this life than just school, marriage, job and a house, who knew to search for comfort in unseen beings of light.


As a highly empathetic child learning about the duality world I came in, I started to feel the energies surrounding me, either positive or negative, and since there was no one else to share them with, I shut down my connection trying to banish the “monsters under the bed”. Yes, the monsters under the bed really exist and if you have a child telling you about them, please try to find out how sensitive your child is and ways to help them become aware and bring light in their environment.
Shutting down my connection with other entities of energy didn’t help so much because the “monsters” remained under the bed and I was just trying to forget about them by avoiding being alone. I tried so hard to “fit in” the model I’ve learnt at home: have a stable job, a house, a car, a husband and child and live under certain principles. I became a rigid, controlling unhappy person. I couldn’t find any inner peace and happiness in my life and soon all I built in many years just fell apart because it was not my path, it was not part of my purpose in this life. What I considered my life time love relationship became a temporary one and that lead to a divorce, my so loved house became cold and unwelcoming and I had to leave it, my job no matter how successful was not fulfilling my heart and inside I was feeling totally empty not realising that I will not be whole until I go back on my way, on that way I lost when I was 5-6 years old and started to learn the education given to me by people.
I started re-opening my channels step by step. At first I did affirmation work and a lot of meditation. I took in all the knowledge available to me and learned to meditate in different ways, all techniques being helpful and all of them bringing my spirit to a state of peace and quietness of the mind where I could find my Divine guided answers. Even that talk I was having with God while walking on empty roads was a form of meditation and it helped me a lot to clear my thoughts. All the questions I was asking were answered in different ways and this slowly helped me re-open my communication channels more and more and I found myself having passions I was not aware of anymore. I learned to read tarot and oracle cards by myself, surely because I did this in many past lives and my communication with the cards existed already. When you have that communication, the simple touch of those cards brings in a feeling of happiness, a feeling of a long forgotten memory. Still cards reading didn’t seem like my whole life purpose but it opened my channels so that I could hear and understand the messages I was receiving from the above.
I knew since always that I am a helper. I used to be that kind of person that looks for ways to help as soon as someone tells me they have a problem, even before they get to ask for help, until I learned acceptance and that everyone has free will and I changed this rushing into helping with a genuine willingness to answer any cry for help I hear. I learned I came here to help heal hearts, minds and bodies. I learned healing doesn’t start and doesn’t end with hands-on techniques, I learned you can heal with a word, with a prayer, with a message from an Angel or simply with your presence and I incorporated all these subtle healing helpers in my practice. I found my main gift is to feel your feelings, your wounds, and your blockages, identify where they are located and the mental cause creating them. Once the awareness is there, healing is already started and it becomes easy to find the right personalised method for each individual.
Knowing any natural gift needs to be developed and studied, I completed several trainings and certifications and surely my journey doesn’t stop here. I am a Christ Light practitioner; Energy Healing Master Teacher (Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Shambala Reiki, AmaDeus shamanic healing, Seichim), Certified Angel Intuitive, Certified Cards Reader and Realm Reader, Akashic Records reader, Spirit Guide coach, Ambassador of Divine Love.


In order to offer a complex service to those people who resonate with me and can be healed through my work, and for my own continuous development, I am in the process of getting certifications in NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, Radio-Dowsing (a technique for physical, numeric measurement of the energy), Numerology, Palmistry and who knows how this list will continue in the future. .


Anything is possible in this world because everything is energy and I warmly invite you to have a taste of the miracles of life.


Angel blessings,






3 March ·

Angel Trinity is a lovely person. She made me open my eyes towards loads of things and made me start realising how things work around myself. Also, I really recommend her because what she does, she does with passion and with a big smile on her face. She knows how to interact and also how to put emotion in words. I loved it and I bet loads of people will too.


6 November ·

I CAN HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANGEL. I feel very blessed to recieve this Angel Reading, very competent, very autentic, very clear and “served” WITH GREAT EMPATHY. The Reading is coming true …
<3 Bitten Salin, Healer and Spirituel Teacher Switzerland


8 November·

Very accurate predictions. Very helpfull. I recieved a lot of informations about myself, to be able to move on and change my life. Thanks a lot.

Lavinia Giurgiu reviewed Angel Trinity  5 star

31 October ·

An excellent person, open and warm heart, dedicated to life, embracing every moment with joy. This are only on short few words about this magnific person. She was the one that helped me a lot in hard times, opened my mind, helped me to see things that sometimes are hidden, gave me light and conducted me through high inspirational model. And yes….good advices and good help come into different ways…now I am very sure about this.  I ve been through this and I thank God for the chance of meeting this incredible person.
Wish you all to have such a person in your lives

Thank you Angel!

Oana M. Anca reviewed Angel Trinity  5 star

20 September·

She’s awesome! She’s that kind of person you wanna stay with all the time. She taught me to be happy anyway, to know the value of things, not the price and she helped me know that I don’t have to act as if a problem does not exist, but to face them with confidence and trust. I simply love her!


14 September ·

She’s very talented. She helped me find a better way of living and, because of her, i started to be more positive. I recomand her to everyone.


14 September

Fantastic personality with high positive energy. She is a perfect example of a holistic healer.

Christopher Stockwell reviewed Angel Trinity  5 star

14 September 

Angel Trinity has shared her gifts with my family many times and is always uplifting and accurate. Highly recommend her!


13 September

Angel Trinity is highly intuitive and inspirational. Her postings are always uplifting and speak directly to your soul, reflecting joy, gratitude and peace of mind. One of my favorite pages for sure!
Vivi Stockwell
Author, numerologist, artist and healer.