When I felt the calling to learn how to heal people, I became a good student, taking in all the information, the rules and everything I was told about how to do a healing session. Although my intention of healing flows from my heart, my mind said I have to go to school to know how to do it and I have to listen to what I am taught. In groups of healers I’ve seen people answering questions by clearly quoting our teacher, what the teacher said, what the teacher feels, what the teacher thinks about a certain subject. I so much believe in teachers, their experience, their knowledge and I remember myself as a good follower, a person who follows rules just because they are rules, as long as they are aligned with my core beliefs and life principles.
it happened once to exchange healing sessions with a more advanced student and several times before that, in my sessions I was feeling an urge to go to the next step but because there was a rule defining the average time for a position, I was pushing myself to follow it. This time when he worked on me he said his sessions are in fact much faster because his guides are speeding them for him. I was surprised to hear someone else felt like me, we spoke about it for a while and I came to realise my urge to change the hands position was in fact intuitive and there was nothing wrong in it. Since then I started to listen to my spirit and my sessions became more powerful and I became even more specific in finding the root cause of someone’s problem.

One day my fellow healer requested any healing, advice, prayers for his daughter who was suffering an episode of strong pain. Although a healer himself, he felt he may be too emotionally attached and he asked for the help of his tribe. I offered to work on this little girl simply because my intuition told me to, and he agreed. By now i already learned how to lean on my knowledge and follow my intuition when it comes to healing so my higher self told me to “speak” with this girl. Her father may be the legal tutor able to decide on the course of treatment for his daughter, but in spiritual world everyone has the right to decide on themselves so my first step was to connect with this lovely girl and ask for her permission to get in tough with her spirit and see how I can help. I have seen her in photos, I never spoke to her in real life and surely never saw her face to face, we live on different continents.


I met a happy soul, a creative girl who knows and feels much more than we, the grown up’s would like to admit. She was so happy to meet me; she introduced me to her environment, to her toys and to her guardian angels. Although challenged at home and in school, the place where I met her was peaceful because when we enter our spirit home the ego drops and all that is left is the energy of love. I was to decide if to start a healing session by the book but instead I started talking to her. I asked what hurts her, why is her body sending that unpleasant signal because in that place we know everything about ourselves; we just forget it in conscious state. We found the cause together and while working on her energy field I had so many guides there with me. They were like teachers looking to see if the student proceeds well and ready to help in case they would have felt fit. I accepted and embraced their loving guidance and conducted my session exactly the way I felt to do so. When I finished I could feel she was happy and at peace, we thanked the Divine help together, we spoke for a bit and I left her energetic space.


I came to realize our healing schools are meant to open our eyes, to show us the way to our own enlightenment so that we can go from a peaceful place and send the good vibes to someone else, but the most powerful healing that can be is the one that comes straight from the heart and at times this changes the rules a little bit. The signs, the meditations, the hours of study, journaling, and understanding, asking and answering are our tools, our vehicles meant to take us from point A to point B, but healing is so much more than that.
Real healing happens when we connect our heart with our knowledge and wisdom, when we trust our spirit to know and feel when we go to that place of unconditional love where we can find all the wisdom of the Universe.
The gift of healing, my friends, is not being able to conduct the energy through our hands; anyone can learn to do it because this energy exists inside each and every one of us. The gift of healing is in the heart of the healer, is in the unconditional universal love that someone called to be a healer knows and feels.
Angel blessings!


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