There are Angels! They exist and the more we ask them to be around, the more we try to connect with them, the happier they are and go out of their way to show us love, gratitude and miracles in our lives. When we learn to trust them, we will not necessarily obtain what we ask for, but much more than that. They don’t know how to quantify what our minds are telling us, but they know our highest good and they surely take us there, if only we allow them. Learning this allowance is a constant process and here are some series of Angel testimonies I have for you, showing how they work miracles in our lives, if we ask for them and allow them to happen.


In my family we decided it’s time to fly to a better home. None of us loved the one we have at the moment because it was having a lot of hidden flaws that made us not feel 100% comfortable here. The first thing I knew was to show gratitude, because the Universe gives you more of what you concentrate on and what you are grateful for.


I only set the intention of learning to be grateful for this place and all its imperfection; I intended to be grateful even for the headache it caused us. My Angels must have been very happy about it because soon I simply found myself loving this place. Suddenly all that made me not to like it became less strong in my heart. I was still acknowledging the reasons why we have to find another place, but with no emotional power. Just like I acknowledge which blouse I was wearing last Monday. Instead I started feeling love and gratitude, I found myself loving this place and all the memories I have in this space. There were happy times, emotional times, struggle and easiness.


A lot of things changed in my life while living here. It is the first home we got together with my partner by then, the home where my daughter came from my home country to live with us, the home where we got married, the first Christmas with a proper Christmas tree and all the emotion that comes from it, the home we started building together, the home of struggles and problem solving. We survived here and we know what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. One day I just looked at this place and said: I release you with love for whoever needs you, want you and will find their home here. And I meant it and felt it deep inside my heart.

Then I started looking on all those websites, searching for our perfect home, asking the Angels to guide me to the perfect place for us. It took me some 2 weeks of web browsing, looking at each house, trying to see the things we love about them and those we don’t, choosing which of them we can go to see with our eyes. And we found it, the one home we fell in love with, not because it’s perfect, but it has all we asked for and since the moment we entered this house we felt like home, we felt happy and I could feel the happiness of the place.

Now the next step was to offer less than the landlord asked for it, because it was out of our budget. My mind was telling me the house worth what they ask for it, the agent was telling me the landlord will not accept a lower price; my husband was calculating the costs. But with all these external factors against us having this home, my heart would just go to that place again and again.


I could feel myself baking cookies in the cold winter, struggling my knee pain to take care of the garden, watching TV with my man in weekends, I was even projecting in my mind where I could have my space for my spiritual work and how I will arrange it. All my feelings simply wouldn’t match the reality saying our offer will not be accepted. And in my mind I moved on, I booked to see other places, I looked for variants, I told myself there is still time to find another home we will love and putting my mind at rest in fact I allowed the Divine to work behind the scenes.

One morning, during my meditation, my Unicorn just came to me. I didn’t ask for this, in fact I was so caught up in my daily activities I even forgot I have a loving helpful Unicorn. She has such a strong, stubborn female energy and when I first met her it was love at first sight. This morning she came to me, happy to be around and as much as I wanted to spend time with her, I followed my intuition telling me to send her out there asking her to find our new home.


I didn’t ask for a specific house, I asked for how I want to feel in that new home and I was expecting to take days or even weeks until things will settle. To my surprise, 2 hours later I got a call from the letting agent who started telling me he has great news. My answer was: the landlord agreed our offer and we get that house we truly loved. He was very surprised himself, kept telling me what a great deal we got, that in fact there were other 2 offers on the house but the landlord decided to accept our offer as they valued having someone to take care of their house more than they loved the money they asked for it. Now we are in the process of finishing all the necessary paper work, look for boxes to pack and can’t wait to spend a lovely Christmas in a new home.

All these happened because I opened myself to the Universe; I loved what I have today and asked for what I want tomorrow. I am so grateful for Angels’ and Unicorns’ Divine intervention and know for sure if they made it possible, then this is clearly the home for us.
My miracle happened!


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