When you think about spiritual awakening you would expect heavenly experiences with bells and whistles. This can be true, though this is only the final frontier. Awakening is in fact a long and painful process that comes in waves. You don’t get more than you can take at once and when you think it is done and you reached the end of it, another stage comes in.


Spiritual awakening opens your eyes to the reality of who you are, where you live, what you do. It will show you the good, the magnificent being you are, it will connect you with all that exists. Then it will show you all the wrong choices you made and how you can learn from them. It will show you how this world is heading towards destruction and make you understand sometimes you need to let something die before you build something new.  It will make you question all your choices from a spiritual perspective.

Yes, we can talk about awakening, how it goes, what to expect, how you can get easier through it. We can talk about expectations but nobody can save you from the pain of the process. Some may understand you and emphasise, others will not even get your words. Most of the times your inner feelings, your inner questions cannot be answered by someone outside of you. The more you go towards the Light, the more alone the path becomes.


You can take attunements like Reiki or Christ Light, you can start praying and meditating with deeper techniques. It will help you grow faster, it will open your eyes wider, but you still have to go through that lonely time when you ask and God answers. You will still have to let something inside you die before you reborn.


This is like the story of the eagle. An eagle can choose to live 40 or 70 years. At 40 eagle’s feathers become torn and it cannot fly as high and fast as it could before. Its claws and beak become dull, preventing it to be able to catch its prey. At this point the eagle has 2 options. It can let go and die or it can go through the transformation.


The eagle will go at the top of a mountain, rub its feathers against rocks and rip them off to allow new ones to grow. It will hit its claws and beak on the rocks until they will become sharp again. This is a very painful process that eagle will go through alone, just to come back to the necessary shape that will allow it to live and hunt for 30 more years.


And guess what? Eagles will choose to go through the pain of transformation and will live the next 30 years flying high in the skies.

What I found interesting in this story is that humans are going to an over 40 transformation too. When you cross the line of 40, your life changes with or without you. You’ll start feeling your age in all your body and especially in your mind. You feel time becomes limited. You can no longer think: I have a life time ahead of me to do this or that. You just realise your time becomes limited and the time ahead is shorter than the time behind.


At this point you have 2 choices. You can grow old and wait for death to come, or you can make the choice to live 30 amazing years.


It is not easy for us to change. It is not easy for us to open our eyes, look clearly at all we are and what we do and many times understand that our ways are not the right ways for us.


It can be the unhealthy choices you make every day, it may be that you are not happy with your career, or your relationships are not filled with love and respect. It may be that you are not happy with the place you live, your circle of friends who don’t resonate with you. It may be anything that doesn’t go the way you want and it requires a change.


If you want to change you need to go through the eagle reborn process. When your spirit awakens to its true nature, it will demolish all you learned from your family, school and society. You need to let go of all ideas, thoughts, principles that are no longer part of you so you can allow your spirit to fly high. You have the die inside before you are reborn.


Awakening can shake off all your life, but the difference is that it will leave instead the light and love you are made of. When you make the choice to let go and let God, your eyes open. One day you may discover what a great person lives within you and decide to let that person grow.

I would so love to hear about your awakening story or to answer your questions on the matter. Please leave a comment below and let’s have a friendly awakened chat.


As always, Angel blessings!

We all want love in our lives. By our nature, we are not built to live alone, we need community and communication to feel complete. We need someone to share our lives with, our wins and loses and the best person to listen to us in any situation is our life partner. If you are still looking for that meaningful relationship, the one in a life time, these 7 steps to find the love of your life are meant to help you get there.

If you are here reading this blog, you must have gone through heartbreak, had an incompatible partner and your heart had been hurt. I have been there myself many times and the first thing I want to tell you is that each experience we have counts towards our personal development. If it wasn’t for that unhappy experience, maybe you wouldn’t have grown to the strong person you are today.


So let’s go to the 7 tips to manifest your ideal partner and my prayer for you is that by the time you take all these steps your ideal partner appears in an instant.

  1. Forgive your previous partner. 

Yes, you heard it right. Forgive the one who hurt you, not to accept what  they did to you, but to clear yourself from that past hurt. If you want to move on to the next happy experience in your life, you cannot drag your past with you.

Try this exercise: put your past experiences in bags or trolleys. Now imagine yourself tied with a rope to all these bags and see yourself walking towards your future life. How hard it is to walk while you drag all those bags with you?

Now cut that rope, leave all that baggage behind and feel how light you become and how easy it is now to move on. You can do this exercise with anything you feel that drags you down, by  the way.

You see, forgiveness is meant to set you free from all those negative emotions you cary around. No matter how much you blame your past partner, that blame goes on yourself as well at subconscious level. If you instead learn to see this as a life experience, you will focus on the lesson you can learn from it and then just move on.

2. Get clear on what you want.

Ambiguous wishes will bring you ambiguous outcomes. If you just want someone, anyone, to fill the empty space in your house or in your heart, chances are you will find again someone who will end up hurting you. Not because they are bad people, but because they are not the right ones for you. So if you want a stable partner who loves and appreciates you, get clear on who that person is.

Take your time and picture him or her in your mind. How they look like? What are their qualities? What are the mandatory character traits you want to see in this partner? How you want them to make you feel? How you want to make them feel when they are with you? Do this exercise more than once until you have the clear picture in your mind and you feel there is nothing else to add to it.

3. Where would that partner hang out? 

Now that you know who you want to manifest in your life, take a moment to think where such a person would be. As an example, if you want your partner to be a good dancer, you may not find him at a fast food restaurant, but you have big chances to find him at a dance class. If you want a sober partner you will surely not find that partner in a club, but rather at a book store, or a library or at an event.

When you established where that partner could be, go there! Do that activity you want to see your partner doing and go into the groups doing that activity. Your partner is already there waiting for you.

4. Develop the qualities within yourself. 

Like attracts like. If you are the opposite of what you want in your partner, chances are they will not like you, and maybe you would not like such a person either. This is why it is important to go through step 2 until you are clear on your heart’s desire.

When you know how your partner must be, you will realise either you have already those qualities or you want to have them. Now look for ways to develop those qualities within yourself. When you feel and behave the same as your partner, they will notice you and like you. They will want to be around you because they will see common grounds with you.


5. Be happy!

It is known that true happiness doesn’t depend on external factors. If you allow yourself to be happy only in certain external circumstances, when those conditions are no longer met your happiness disappears. Instead if you learn to be happy inside, no matter what happens in the outside world independent of your choice, you can stay happy.

Two tools that can help you stay positive are gratitude and acceptance. These are not the subject of this post. Next week I will post more about how to find inner happiness and until then you can read this blog post to help you get started.

If you complete this step alone you are already on the path to attract a lot of types of people and then you get to choose the one you want. This happens because we are all naturally attracted to happy people. Happiness is our soul’s natural state so when we see happy people we instinctively feel attracted to them. If you stay happy people will want to be around you. You don’t need to do anything for them or to them, they will come to you and will want to stay.

6. Love yourself exactly the way you are. 

You want to find someone now and you want that person to love you the way you are today. If you would want someone to love you if you look better, have a better job or a better bank account, then you wouldn’t look for a partner now. You would be too busy changing your body fitness, or your job or your bank account.

As said in step 5, people are naturally attracted to happiness. How can you be happy in your heart  if you tell yourself I’m too ugly, or too fat, or not good enough in any way. You may attract the right partner but will they stay with you? Will they be able to love you if you don’t consider yourself lovable?

No matter what you do or what you did in the past, remember that there is a reason behind all our actions and experiences. If you take everything as a lesson, you will just learn what you can take from it and move on. The fastest you get to do that, the easier it will be to love yourself here and now.

7. Don’t chase love.

You don’t get what you chase, you get what you are. Fall in love with yourself every day and let your love story unfold itself naturally. If you try to force things to happen, you will miss the journey and maybe even make the wrong choice for yourself.

Give yourself time to get to know someone, to discover them with each day, without setting expectations. If you meet someone allow yourself to get to know them without being attached to a certain outcome. If that person will not be your life partner they may become a new friend or it may be that through that person you will meet the love of your life. Stay open to possibilities, allow the Universe to put you on your own path to finding love.

Now let me help you clear the step 1 I wrote above as that is one of the most important ways to get love back in your life. You can win a FREE “broken heart” healing session with me. All you need to do is to leave a comment below and tell me your story. I will give a free heart healing session ( worth $80) to the person I feel drawn to.

I pray you find the love of your life, stay happy and with your happiness raise the vibration of our planet.

When love is not enough (true story)

This blog is inspired by a true story lived by someone very dear to my heart. If you were ever in love and for whatever reason the relationship was no longer possible, you may find yourself in this story. No matter if both people in this story cared for each other, they found out there are times when love is not enough.


Falling in love doesn’t always means happy ever after. There are times when you keep that passion inside even for a life time, longing for a happy end and knowing it may never happen. Usually these stories have a lot of passion, things happen rapidly and at high intensity. You love with all your heart and then you crash at high speed.

Life doesn’t feel fair because they both love each other but they know they cannot be together. Things just don’t seem to happen at the right time.

In our story here they were both very young. They met after she left the city he was living in and moved to another country. It happened they spoke with each other a lot and feelings grew. Summer holiday was the most wanted thing in their life at that moment because they had the chance to meet and spend together that magical time. With high intensity, a few months turned into huge passion. They lived the bliss of magical moments, they argued, they saw how life is against their relationship, they struggled to figure out if to stay in this story or leave.

Time didn’t prove to be on their side. As each went back to school, 2000 km away from each other, frustration started to build. Being apart became too hard and brought contradicting reactions in the couple. One would want to stay, the other would want out because distance was too much to bear. The breakup was not easy to be done but it was the solution at the moment.

You would think this was the end. Well, it was not. Throughout the next two years, being aware that  they cannot be together, their relationship continued at soul level. When one was running into trouble, the other just happened to call or send a message. When things would go rough in one’s life, the other just happened to be around. She even went to the point where she openly admitted that she wants to be back in the relationship but he wouldn’t bear the distance.

 Then they even realised that maybe they met too soon. If only they met 5 years later when both are more mature, they finished school and such decisions are easier to make. “If only” becomes like  a walking mantra and this if only can eat them from inside if care is not taken. Regrets can be many but are they doing any good to anyone?


I asked her what she does when love is not enough? How is she coping with the situation? She opened her heart , looked deep within and gave me these ideas on how she copes with knowing they cannot have the “till death do us part”:

  • Learn how to live with it.

it’s not that the feeling is going away, at least until you heal it. IF you ever heal it. So you have to learn to live with it. You have to learn to live with missing the one you think is the best fit for yourself. You learn that time will tell and you need patience until that moment when time will show you if there is another person that can ever fill that void. There is a feeling of void in your heart because the other left and you need to fill that space so your heart doesn’t feel ripped off.

  • Be happy it happened even if it ended.

This was a special time in your life. All love stories carry happy and sad memories. You can choose to focus on the positive side or on the negative one. If you look for the happy memories you will realise you can be happy you lived those feelings. You felt 100% happy for a while. It is  true that real happiness does not depend on a person or external factors. Happiness depends on your inner state and you  can help your inner state by focusing on the positive memories.

  • Look for the lesson in it. 

When two souls meet and fall in love, there is a reason behind. You may never totally understand it but you can ask your heart why did you have to go through this. There is always a lesson , maybe it was meant to teach you what is the kind of partner you want in your life. Maybe it was meant to show your heart ’s capacity of love. Or maybe you just had to meet and bring a ray of happiness in each other’s lives and then move on to the next life experiences. Whatever that was, be happy it happened and it last as it did.

  • It was love, so where is the harm?

Love doesn’t die. Someone may hurt you and you don’t approve of their actions. In such situations you may react to them not following your wishes, not feeling the same or not wanting the same things. This doesn’t make anyone bad, it ’s just that you didn’t match enough to have a long term love story. If you focus on the feelings of love rather than the feelings of hurt, you will realise there is no harm in feeling that love that makes your heart sing. If you focus on those feelings, chances are you will find love again and sooner than you think. This is because you keep your heart open instead of closing it by focusing on what hurt you.

I must admit I was moved by her capacity of understanding the situation as it is and looking for answers rather than focusing on the pain.

If you find yourself in this story, please leave a comment and show her she is not alone. Would you give someone in this situation a word of encouragement? Would you share your own story with her?

We are looking forward to hear what you would tell her. She is here, right beside me because she is my daughter and she wanted to share her heart with you.

Did you ever felt hurt by someone’s behaviour? Did they  say something the made you feel hurt, unappreciated, attacked? When this happens we feel like the person wants to attack us, like they clearly have something against us as individuals. So often we react from this place of feeling attacked, trying to defend ourselves. Well, all this is not an attack towards us, in fact it is never about us, it’s always about them


We all filter everything through the mirrors of our souls. If we feel unworthy, everything we see around is obstacles and people trying to take what we believe belongs to us. If we feel there is no love on earth, no matter how much affection someone shows us we will look for hidden meanings in  that affectionate behaviour. It’s not because we don’t want to be happy, but because we don’t know how to access this feeling and we look for it outside ourselves.

I got to realise a lot about why people hurt each other during the times I was working on healing some inner issues. My problem was my mother. As a child I didn’t feel enough love from her, as a teenager I felt I didn’t count in her life and later I felt I will never be able to make her happy. All these feelings were totally valid and came from my mother’s over-criticism towards everything and everyone.

Her critics hurt me for quite a long time. Why? Maybe because I always felt it is in my nature to help people and who else I would want to help most than my own family members? Or maybe because I could feel the reality was different than what she was trying to show outside herself.

There were times I even put the blame on her. I thought she is the reason for what I considered as failures in my life, I thought she was the reason for me not trusting myself enough or spending many years looking for validation outside myself. I thought she harmed me with her way of dealing with life.

What changed my perspective was stepping on the path of self-healing. The Universe works quite simple: whatever you decide you want in the present moment, that’s what you get. So when I decided I want to heal, the opportunities for healing appeared to me in many forms and from many directions.


What I learned about myself in the process was that it was entirely my choice to believe or not my mother’s criticism. She may have said hard words to me, but it was my decision to believe them, it was my decision to give my power away and allow her words to become truth for me. My purpose was to help make her happy, but you cannot make anyone happy, unless they choose to be happy.

Going further into all my hurtful feelings, memories started now to come up. Things long forgotten came back to surface in order to be noticed and healed. There was one particular memory though that brought this realisation to me adding a lot of healing in my heart. Out of the blue I remembered my mother criticising mothers who take good care of themselves, considering when you have children you give your all to them and forget about yourself.

That was the moment all my life came back to me in a flash and the words I heard in my mind were: it is never about us, it is always about them.

My mother always loved me, cared for me, worried for me and wanted the best for me. Why she chose to do this by always criticising me (and others)? It was because she had to build protective walls around herself so that she could cope with her own life.

She chose criticism towards others to help herself forget her own unrealised dreams. She must have had to give up a lot in her life and maybe she still does out of a feeling of duty or maybe because this is the only way she knows life can be lived. Her choice was to create a different world for herself in her mind, a world that doesn’t always match the reality, but this was the way she could cope with her own life.

So when she criticises someone or something, it’s not that a person or thing is not good, it’s only her own way of coping with her feelings. It is her way of feeling herself good enough while she has an impulse to compare herself with everyone else.

I could see now that criticising my parenting skills was not about me, it was about her fear of letting her children fly free, having the faith they will be just fine. Using blaming words about me leaving my country of origin was not about me, but about her own fear of leaving the town she grew up in. Maybe she dreamt of a different life, in another place, in another time, in another world.

One day she pointed to me that she stayed close to her parents but her children didn’t do the same. I remember her blaming many times people in other cultures who raised their children up to a certain age and then let them go. And that makes me wonder: how far she dreamt of flying? How many time she must have felt all she wants is to move away?

Who knows how much she gave up in her life, who knows how much she felt she had to sacrifice and how much all these feelings shaped who she is today? Who knows where all of us will be in the future?


This made me look further to all kind of reactions I find in myself and those around me and wonder: is it really that someone wants to hurt you when they behave in a way that you disapprove of? In fact it is not. Any kind of behaviour that we display has nothing to do with anybody else than ourselves. No matter how strong we feel that someone wronged us, their actions come from their inner beliefs and feelings and our reaction comes from our own inner being. Yes, the way we perceive someone’s actions may feel as if it is directed to us, but in fact that person may have no idea how much it affects us.

The same goes the other way around. We so often use words or take actions that hurt those around us and we may not understand why they are hurt. It is said “I’m sorry” are the hardest words to say, while they have so much healing power. Maybe if we say “I love you” and “i’m sorry” more often, the world will become a better place.

Even if someone tries to deliberately hurt another being, it’s not because of the other person, it is the inner problem that makes this person want to hurt others. They may try to take away their own burden and think if they pour it on another it may go away.

In fact, if someone hurts your feelings, send them love and a prayer. This doesn’t mean you have to accept any negative behaviour towards yourself. In such case removing yourself from that hurtful environment is the best thing to do. Just that after you remove yourself from the environment, it’s better to let go of it. It’s good to understand it is not about you, but about that person’s wounded heart and their way of dealing with their own feelings.

If we can’t find what we feel inside ourselves, we will always find it in others. If we can’t understand what we feel, we will project it outside ourselves trying to see it that way.

I got to understand the teachings about forgiveness, unconditional love and inner peace. Yes, we can forgive and love everyone as long as we understand it is never about us. When we can see that all we do is to project our own feelings outside ourselves, we understand that the essence of living beings is pure love. All the rest is only an illusion. And when we get to this realisation, forgiveness and unconditional love become more than just words. We start understanding their meaning.

If you went through similar experiences, if there are things you can’t find the strength to forgive and let go, or if you did ket go of pst wounds, I would love to hear your story in the comments below.

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Sometimes you may feel hurt, angry, disconnected. In such moments your world tends to fall apart, you lose your focus, you lose your capacity of seeing things clearly. There are times you don’t even realise it and just go with the flow, allowing negative thinking to build up. This can affect relationships, working capacity and even your health state. The tips below are ways to increase your mojo when things don’t go quite well.

So what could you do when unwanted things happen? Maybe you had an argument with someone and your ego wants to be right rather than be happy. Maybe you feel lonely and cannot find anyone to talk to. Maybe you feel something is wrong with you and then start having negative thoughts about your life, your appearance, your status or about the world around you. It is good to be able to identify these situations and the sooner you manage to get out of them, the better for yourself and all others involved.

Such situations can be identified first of all by realising you do not feel happy inside. If things are going well, even if your goals are not yet achieved, you have a sense of fulfilment, you can focus, think positive and do things that make you feel good. In order to know if you are are going towards a positive direction or not, it is good to first check in with your inner state. Am I feeling ok, am I happy inside me? Am I cheerful, am I a good company for myself and others?

If the answer to such questions is no, that means something doesn’t go quite well within. If you can clearly identify what goes wrong, that’s fine. You can just work on that particular issue, find ways to solve it and move on. If ways of solving a known matter don’t come, you can step away from it, take a walk, do something else and know a solution will come at the right moment. But what to do if you cannot know what is going on, you just feel disconnected and cannot point a certain matter or cannot find a way of getting out of that state?

There are some ways things can be made better so that we reach a good result:

  • Take a walk

Walking outside shows you there is a world out there and there are good things in it. Getting fresh air while moving increases the brain chemicals that make you feel at peace. Here we can add some focus on the nature that surrounds us, or the children playing. A better outcome from a walk outside can be obtained if the walk is done in a park or any place where there are trees, plants and birds. If there is a body of water around you can take some time to watch it, connect with it, meditate around it. Water means life, nothing lives without water and being in the presence of water calms the mind.

  • Listen to uplifting music

We all have favourite pieces of music. Some make you feel nostalgic, maybe bring positive or negative memories, but some your favourite music makes you feel strong, focused, powerful. If you feel down, listening to that type of music, even if initially you don’t feel like, will lift you up and help you gain back your focus.

  • Speak to someone very close to you

If you have friends or family members you can totally trust and know they are there for you no matter what, contact them. You may choose to speak about what is bothering you or you can speak about totally different things. This depends on each individual’s preferences. For some of us speaking the matter can bring clarity and solutions, as long as you do it with open mind. For others talking their negative problems puts them even deeper in that state of low energy and in this case it is better to speak about other positive subjects that will distract you from your low mood. This doesn’t mean though that you need to stop looking within and go into denial, but after you lift up your inner state finding positive ways out becomes easier.


  • Connect with like-minded people

I know when things go rough in life you have a feeling no one understands you, no one knows, no one cares. This cannot be further from the truth. There are so many others just like you, feeling like you, struggling like you and there are so many who can help with your situation. Either you are grieving the loss of a loved one, go through divorce or a breakup, have financial issues, cannot find your true self, etc, there are materials that can help you and communities you can join. There are so many groups you can join for free or for a financial cost but these communities will show you that you are not alone and you can get ideas for yourself from seeing the story of other people going through the same struggle as you.

  • Find a teacher or a coach

If you understand you have a problem and you don’t know how to get out of it, learn about it. You can learn how to help yourself or you can hire specialised help. No matter what you are going through, you can find someone offering help with your matter, either online or in your community. If you have the time and resources to join an activity in your community, I totally recommend it. Not only it will help you solve your situation, but it will make you go out of the house, move, meet people just like you and even make new friends.

  • Help someone in need

Helping someone doesn’t need to be something big, elaborate to change that person’s life forever. Any little kind gestures you can make are bringing a difference. Even smiling at someone in the bus, helping someone with a disability cross the street or making a compliment to a stranger are all free things we can all do and lift up the energy level in our environment. By helping someone else you will feel fulfilled knowing you did something good, your self-esteem will grow, so will your motivation and positive thinking.

In the end anything you choose to do to lift up your inner state is a huge service you do to yourself.

After all it is known that same old practices are not going to take you to a different outcome, so be the change you want to see around you.

If you wish to receive help from me to improve your inner state, your energy level and solve your issues, please do not hesitate to contact me here. Angel blessings!

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Sometimes people hurt us, with or without intention. A word, a gesture, an action taken by someone can trigger in us emotions that we feel as being negative for us, we feel as if “they hurt us”. And then we may choose to let it go, forget about it and move on with our lives but at times those actions can hurt us and leave a mark in our hearts. That is when we have the choice to forgive in order to let that emotion go out of our system, out of our energy field. Not forgiving something keeps an open wound in our hearts and makes us feel like someone did something bad to us, like their opinion or action has power over us and ultimately this can be turn into resentment, hate or a serious illness.

Why this happens? Because we are energy, we are in fact a spirit living in a body, not a body carrying a soul. When we cannot forgive someone we in fact keep a negative thought inside our minds which becomes a negative feeling and will create negativity in our energy field. Since the body always follows the energy field, a pain caused by not forgiving will eventually translate into an unwanted physical condition.


If instead we choose to forgive whatever we feel may hurt us, we are doing ourselves a huge favour and these are just a few of the benefits of forgiving:

  • Physical health: forgiveness comes from unconditional love; it brings light inside of us, while keeping feelings of resentment will bring in negative energy. If not forgiving for long enough can lead to disease, forgiveness will first take out a burden from our heart, more love comes in, we radiate more love and since our body follows, it will heal itself. In fact our hearts are going to heal our bodies.


  • Emotional detach: a wound in our hearts has power over us as long as we allow it, as long as we choose to give it power, be it consciously or unconsciously. When we forgive in fact we release a shadow from our hearts and that will allow more light in. This will translate in changing hurtful emotions with loving ones. You know you forgave something when the memory of that hurt has the same emotional power as the memory of the dress you wore last year.


  • Energetic detach: we are what we think and our energy field is created and maintained by our thoughts and emotions. When we have thoughts of resentment, our energy field becomes weaker and will permit more negative energy to come in. When instead we choose to forgive, we send out thoughts and feelings of love and acceptance and this translates in a stronger energy field. We will also find it much easier to smile, to notice the miracles around us and even to attract joyful people because they will feel the energy of love coming out of us. And who doesn’t want to be around the energy of love?


  • Live in the present moment: when we have difficulty forgiving, we in fact live in the past. As long as we didn’t forgive, that thought, that memory or that action keeps coming into our minds and hearts. It keeps coming back because it looks to be released and it is our entire choice, our free will to do it or not. Something we cannot forgive will come back to our memory, that feeling of hurt will keep coming back and occupy our hearts and minds and we stay stuck in that past moment keep living it over and over again. We cannot see our present; we cannot see the sun on the sky today just because it rained yesterday. Yes, there may still be drops of water around, but the sun is shining and we can now enjoy its warm touch. We can only live fully in the present moment when we learn to forgive the past and move on.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean agreeing with someone’s unfair or hurtful behaviour, nor does it mean to allow that person to hurt us again. Forgiveness means: I know what you did, I know it was not pleasant for me and I choose not to allow it to have power over me again. I choose to let it go.

Tools to help you forgive:

Meditation brings you in a state where your higher self is better heard and understood and visualisation helps create anything you want. This is a very powerful tool to manifest anything, including forgiveness. You can visualise yourself in the presence of that person and tell them all the things you felt when they hurt you, all the things you disagree with and how you feel about that matter. Then you can see a cord of blue light between your heart and their heart and send them love and acceptance. When people hurt you usually they don’t do it with that intention, in fact they act out of fear of not being heard or accepted or not good enough and when you send them love you help dissipate that fear. You can as well picture yourself holding their hands, looking in their eyes and telling them you understand them, you forgive them and love them. The simple intention to forgive someone will work magic and will start the healing process.

2.The letter
If you feel you cannot communicate to the one who hurt you but have unspoken words in your throat wanting to come out in order to heal, write a letter to that person. Write there all you feel, how they hurt you, how much you hate them for that if the case, anything that goes through your mind and heart. Then burn that letter with the intention that your message goes to that person and your conflict is resolved. Trust me, your heart will feel much lighter once all the paper burned.

This is a hard method to be done, but very effective. It requires first of all taking responsibility for your experiences. In fact everything that happens to us happens for a reason and there is a lesson to be learned from it. When you can accept that you had your own role in the matter, even if only because you may have hurt that person in a past life, when you can see that for whatever reason your soul choose to experience this, you in fact take responsibility for your experience and then it doesn’t have power over you anymore. Next send blessings and thoughts of love to the one you feel that hurt you. You don’t have to agree with their behaviour, just ask they be blessed with light and love. What you think grows, what you feel makes you who you are so when you think blessings and you feel love that is what you become. This may also change that person too, it may make them better people, it may help them heal themselves. Remember: the more you give, the more you receive.

Especially when you find it very difficult to forgive someone, the mind simply cannot accept the idea of detaching itself from the situation and in this case the mind needs a bit of training so the heart can heal. This can be achieved with very good results by using these affirmations that help the mind accept forgiveness. Say each of these three affirmations 20 times at least once a day and notice the thoughts, feelings and visions that come to you during the process. Don’t worries if you don’t get any insights, keep going because your mind takes them in anyway. In this example we will use the name John and the affirmations are: “I forgive John for anything he may have done to me now and at any past time”; “I ask forgiveness to John for anything I may have done to him now and at any past time”; “I forgive myself”. Please remember forgiving the self is as important as forgiving others or asking others for forgiveness. They say the most powerful and yet the hardest words to be told are: “Forgive me”; “Thank you”, “I love you”.

I hope you find your own way to forgive anything and anyone you feel ever hurt you in any way and bring only light and love into your lives. A very simple prayer for forgiveness can be: Thank you, Angels for showing me the way to forgive anyone that may have hurt me and be forgiven by anyone I may have hurt. Please help me find forgiveness for myself so that I live a healthy happy life and love unconditionally. And so it is!
Angel blessings!


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They say when we heal others we heal ourselves too because light flows through us to the person we want to heal so that light heals us too. They say God gives us people that need to heal the same issues we need to heal ourselves, maybe because God wants us healed too or maybe because we become experts of those issues trying to heal them in ourselves.
What happens though when there is no person coming to be healed and we find ourselves in trouble? How do we heal then? How can we objectively see inside ourselves and take out what no longer serves us? How long do we need to work on it until we reach that light?


I found myself in this situation for the past weeks. I got myself to the point even doctors could not figure out yet where it comes from. I closed my throat that tight so not even water would go through it. This made me experience all sort of feelings: fear, anxiety, and desperation. I kept asking what the problem is, where it comes from, how and mostly when it will be healed. Doctors are doing their best to help but they can help physical causes and physical damages and they do it great as long as there is a cause of damage they can identify.


One thing I know is that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. If these thoughts are not of love towards ourselves, if we cannot balance giving and receiving, the first to suffer is our energy field. A change in our energy field that lasts long enough will then turn into a physical condition, be it a disease, a disorder, a physical blockage or an allergy. Yes, every physical condition has a mental cause and it takes a lot of inner work to identify and heal it. The benefit of healing the mental cause is that as long as our thoughts are repaired, our energy field restores to normal, the physical condition heals and thought change will prevent our body from creating the same warning again.


So here I was, trying to figure out what, why, when while feeling scared and out of balance until I happened to meet one nice old doctor who concluded: my throat has spasms that are created by something else. I felt it as a blessing to still be strong and healthy and at the same time it put me in a state of deep searching. If this is a thing of the mind, what causes it? Talking to this gentleman felt like a revelation, I thought if I created it than I must find a way to get to the root of it.


I came home and started to cry tears coming out of my chest, out of my heart. My body screamed: I am enough! I am enough just the way I am! I am perfect in my imperfection! I am a magnificent being and I deserve all the good that comes to me! I am made of love, I am a caring loving person and that’s enough! I am me and nobody else can do a better job at living my life than I do! I am enough and I love and approve myself exactly the way I am!


There it was! My revelation, my inner findings, my energetic stuff that made my body shut down from the struggle I was giving it. I wanted to jump into it and heal myself instantly but I have learned healing takes time and Divine time is the perfect time so for a few days I was repeating I am enough and this is not real whenever I was trying to sip water. And it worked most of the times because awareness is the first step in healing. When you find the cause, when you accept it as being what creates the condition, you already took the first step towards healing.


Still this was the first step and the second one came with prayers and asking for answers. How did I get there? How did I get to feeling as not being enough? How did I get to feeling I am not good? How did I distant myself from self-love and acceptance? And first I heard one word: overwhelmed. Then I knew, then I acknowledged, then I saw it: I gave the most I could at my day job knowing there were not enough people there and patients need help, I gave the most I could trying to manage home and energy work and my spiritual practice. I had no idea I was overwhelmed and didn’t even notice when I disconnected from myself while pushing my body and mind towards achieving the most I could. I forgot only one person in the world: me. I forgot I need rest, I forgot I need to recharge my batteries in order to continue to function, I forgot that if I am not strong and well, how am I to help others find their way? I forgot to care about my needs and wants.


I learned the hard lesson of depleting my energetic potential trying to make others happy. I learned again to take it slowly, one step at a time, one task for one day, one question answered at once and a lot of rest until I am again fully charged. It was reinforced in me something I already knew: every so called problem is in fact a blessing and when things don’t go the way I want I learned to think in fact I have no idea what God saved me from. If my body wouldn’t have given me this warning I would have gone further and maybe create something much worse than I did. If my body wouldn’t have slowed me down maybe I wouldn’t have found my healing path.


We take so much for granted believing it will always be there for us, thinking it is our right to have it. In fact all we own is our spirit and all the rest flows from there. We learn to be grateful for our achievements, our possessions, maybe our environment, people in our lives and we may forget at times that every single cell, thing, living being, nature’s creation around us is in fact a gift to be grateful for. This life is given to us for our spiritual growth and each of us has their own journey, their own lessons to learn, their own life to live.


Today I am grateful for being alive, for being strong, for the air I breath, for the water I drink, for the bed I sleep in, for the birds, grass and flowers in my back yard, for all the people I have ever met because each of them taught me something, for knowing love, compassion, empathy, for each opportunity to learn and grow, for each scar in my heart that made me stronger and shaped who I am today. Today I am simply grateful!


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Meditation “side effects”

I’ve been reading recently some articles about the so called meditation side effects and I was shocked to see the interpretation given by journalists, who may not have enough spiritual knowledge, or they don’t know much about meditation, which is many times considered as being the same thing with mindfulness.
To make things clear, meditation means emptying your mind of thoughts. Why would you want to do that? In our daily earthly life we give a lot of time and energy to our conscious mind’s thoughts and so often these thoughts come from fear. Can be the fear of not being good enough, of what family or society thinks about us, what we have to do as opposed to what we want to do, what other people expect from us, how we can grow our spirit or our possessions. All these thoughts are stored in that 5% of our brain that we constantly use and that speaks a language we understand in physical form.

Then we look for knowledge online, in books, at workshops, etc trying to find out more. What is not so easy to accept is that all the knowledge we need is stored in the other 95% of our brain which may not speak a language we understand and which we don’t know how to access, at least at conscious level. Well through meditation we can get to the point of stopping the thoughts in our conscious mind and access the knowledge of our subconscious mind and like this bring it into the conscious part of our brain. The stillness of the mind, apart from bringing knowledge, helps healing in so many ways. It brings to the surface traumas we may not even be aware of for them to be healed, it helps healing physical conditions no matter how serious they are, it helps bringing positive thoughts and it dissipates the fear.



On the other hand mindfulness, although in the end will empty the mind of some thoughts, is a practice of being present in the now moment. While meditation requires us to be still, mindfulness is part of an activity, as long as you are fully aware of what you are doing at that specific moment. How many times we eat watching TV, we walk thinking about how to pay our bills or about what to cook for dinner or about how to solve a matter at work? Well mindfulness is teaching us how to be present in our lives, how to do one thing at a time while being 100% there. To give you an example I tried to be mindful at work because I don’t enjoy working extra hours. I concentrated on the task at hand without even minding other things I had to do later on the day. I made a list of everything I had to do, I decided on priorities and stayed focused only on the task at hand. What I noticed at the end of the day was that I accomplished much more than if I would have tried to multitask, I was not that tired and this felt empowering looking back at how efficient I was.
As you can see none of these practices is about concentrating on our thoughts, but they are practices meant to take us away from our thoughts to allow us to discover what is behind it. Now the articles I saw were speaking about experiences when an employer, aware of the benefits of either meditation or mindfulness, sent their employees to trainings. They did it because it is a fact that meditation and/ or mindfulness contribute to a better quality of life of the individual and people with a better quality of live are more motivated and more productive at work. Now one thing these companies didn’t know is that you cannot raise someone’s spiritual vibration without them being willing to do so. You cannot force someone through a mandatory training to become a spiritual being, if they don’t choose to do so. The stories go on these employees being asked to sit still and concentrate on their thoughts, this being called both meditation and mindfulness in the same story. Concentration on thoughts is exactly the opposite of meditation, so this made me wonder how much they understood about this practice.They also said after this experience there were so many cases of people starting to experience anxiety, panic attacks, nervous breakdowns and many of them ended up needing long term medical help while most of them could never recover to the initial state. Of course here someone like me would ask: what was the initial state? Was it the truth or was it a lie the person was living in? were those people pushing themselves so much to perform in their professional plan that they stored and buried their inner stuff so deep they were not even aware of it?
If I wouldn’t have searched for answers, read a bunch of books and attended a lot of workshops, I could have said the same. The difference is that I stepped in my spiritual world by myself after knowing since I was born that this life must be much more than what we can see with our physical eyes. It was my choice to start questioning, to start searching and to start discovering my true nature. In my own journey I started to do guided meditations, calling on angels or learning how to relax. Then I learned to meditate without guidance, but with a musical background that was meant to help me relax and go on that space of tranquillity where fear doesn’t exist anymore, where there is only unconditional love, the natural state of our spirit. All these were pleasant positive experiences that increased my vibration and were very helpful in so many ways.
All well until I started my Life Force Energy Healing training. As a highly empathy I could always feel other people’s emotions, pains, sources of problems and I was the kind of person offering help without being asked, so when I saw I can learn how to also heal others from what I was feeling in them, I was clearly up to learn it. As part of this course I got to learn about the real strong meditation, the one done with no music and no gentle voice guiding me to go to a certain place, but to find exactly that space inside myself that brings out my own answers, my own knowledge, and my own spirit. The list of benefits of this meditation is long, including physical healing, a body feeling younger and stronger, a stronger connection with the self and with personal spirit guides and guardian angels, just to name a few. One thing I didn’t understand at that time was that this meditation was in fact accessing exactly my own spirit, my own subconscious, my own fears, traumas, my own talents, gifts or whatever was stored in my mind, body and spirit. And the start was really hard for me. I started to see so much negativity it became terribly scary and it started to bother me at all times, not only in meditation. I was having strange nightmares, negative visions, feeling the earthbound needy spirits that just wouldn’t allow me to go to sleep. My vibration was lowered too much and my energy field was too weak to be able to shield myself enough. I could have run to a doctor that would have clearly given me some antidepressants and advise me to rest and stay away from stress, but instead I ran to my Reiki teacher asking for help. I did that because what you find in spiritual world you cannot treat with earthly remedies.


I had to learn first of all to heal myself before looking at healing others, one of the tasks being to strengthen myself so my energy field cannot be touched by lower energies. I learned although I was spiritually attacked by the negative forces, this was possible because of my own negativity stored inside by different experiences, by living around beings with a lower spiritual vibration or by different ways of thinking learned in early childhood from family, school or mass media. Why was I going through this kind of experience when I started to meditate? Because by clearing my conscious mind I allowed whatever was stored inside to come to the surface. This was not at all a “side effect” of my meditation practice; it was exactly me with all my memories, experiences good and bad, fears and phobias coming to the surface. It was like looking inside of me for the first time in my life after not doing any cleaning work there for many years.
When you don’t clean your house, there is so much dirt and stuff adding that one day that house, although beautiful at the beginning, will start looking ugly and dirty. The potential remains there tough, but you need to take some tools and cleaning products and put your energy in restoring that place it to the initial state. The same goes with our inner being that in the end reflects in our physical life. Storing inside negative thoughts, envy, judgement, resentment will make our lives become too heavy, will make us age before our time and bring serious disease. Cleaning our mental house takes time and effort and the benefits are not seen immediately. It takes work, focus and patience until we can understand where we started, where we got and where we are going to.


I have to admit I was really scared after that experience and surely I didn’t want it back which is why I stopped meditating like that but I never stopped looking for answers and new ways of raising my vibration. I remained determined to know how to heal so I moved on, doing angel meditations, trying some mindfulness, learning 5th dimensional meditations and attending spiritual workshops. I took different classes and combined different practices I’ve learnt to create my own healing technique. Now looking back to where I started I can clearly see the difference, I can see how much negative energy I had stored inside, so much that it was pouring out at the start of my mantra meditation and how much I’ve changed since then. There was a time I could not see at all any quality in me, I was thinking there’s absolutely nothing good about me because I was stuffed with negative beliefs. Clearing my energy field was what made me see the diamonds each of us have inside and that come out only after we do the inner cleaning work, with or without “side effects”.
And because the Universe has a lot of humour and gives us incredible opportunities to learn and grow, it happened I got to read about the so called side effects of meditation exactly at the time I decided to leave fear aside and restart my mantra meditation. It may have been given to me as a trial of my commitment or as a way of looking at my own understanding of what happened with my negative experiences around the most powerful way of meditating I know. I learned from my own experience that there is no such thing as side effect of meditation because there can be no side effect of who you are, there can be no side effect from something you willingly hold inside.


The truth is that one of the hardest things people can do is to stay alone with their own being, be it physical and/ or spiritual. Living with yourself is so much harder than living with someone because when you are alone, in the dark, with no one or nothing to distract you, then you have to look inside and find out who you really are, but before you find this out you have to clear the clutter built between you on earth and your spirit. This cleaning may not be a pleasant thing for some of us, but for sure it worth each and every second of work, of fear, of search, of looking inside ourselves objectively and taking decisions without judging whatever we find there.
I re-started my mantra meditation determined to face anything I may find in there, prepared to see again bad things, not realising how far I have gone in the meantime, how I found and polished my inner diamond. To my surprise I didn’t find anything scary, but the bliss of meeting my own spirit. This time I can clearly feel the strength coming after my morning meditation, I can feel more grounded, more connected to the Divine. I didn’t overcome a side effect, I only cleared the clutter in my mind, the one I was carrying, the one I built up in time, the one I choose to experience in order to learn some lessons that help my spirit to grow to the next level.


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Angel testimonies

When I felt the calling to learn how to heal people, I became a good student, taking in all the information, the rules and everything I was told about how to do a healing session. Although my intention of healing flows from my heart, my mind said I have to go to school to know how to do it and I have to listen to what I am taught. In groups of healers I’ve seen people answering questions by clearly quoting our teacher, what the teacher said, what the teacher feels, what the teacher thinks about a certain subject. I so much believe in teachers, their experience, their knowledge and I remember myself as a good follower, a person who follows rules just because they are rules, as long as they are aligned with my core beliefs and life principles.
it happened once to exchange healing sessions with a more advanced student and several times before that, in my sessions I was feeling an urge to go to the next step but because there was a rule defining the average time for a position, I was pushing myself to follow it. This time when he worked on me he said his sessions are in fact much faster because his guides are speeding them for him. I was surprised to hear someone else felt like me, we spoke about it for a while and I came to realise my urge to change the hands position was in fact intuitive and there was nothing wrong in it. Since then I started to listen to my spirit and my sessions became more powerful and I became even more specific in finding the root cause of someone’s problem.

One day my fellow healer requested any healing, advice, prayers for his daughter who was suffering an episode of strong pain. Although a healer himself, he felt he may be too emotionally attached and he asked for the help of his tribe. I offered to work on this little girl simply because my intuition told me to, and he agreed. By now i already learned how to lean on my knowledge and follow my intuition when it comes to healing so my higher self told me to “speak” with this girl. Her father may be the legal tutor able to decide on the course of treatment for his daughter, but in spiritual world everyone has the right to decide on themselves so my first step was to connect with this lovely girl and ask for her permission to get in tough with her spirit and see how I can help. I have seen her in photos, I never spoke to her in real life and surely never saw her face to face, we live on different continents.


I met a happy soul, a creative girl who knows and feels much more than we, the grown up’s would like to admit. She was so happy to meet me; she introduced me to her environment, to her toys and to her guardian angels. Although challenged at home and in school, the place where I met her was peaceful because when we enter our spirit home the ego drops and all that is left is the energy of love. I was to decide if to start a healing session by the book but instead I started talking to her. I asked what hurts her, why is her body sending that unpleasant signal because in that place we know everything about ourselves; we just forget it in conscious state. We found the cause together and while working on her energy field I had so many guides there with me. They were like teachers looking to see if the student proceeds well and ready to help in case they would have felt fit. I accepted and embraced their loving guidance and conducted my session exactly the way I felt to do so. When I finished I could feel she was happy and at peace, we thanked the Divine help together, we spoke for a bit and I left her energetic space.


I came to realize our healing schools are meant to open our eyes, to show us the way to our own enlightenment so that we can go from a peaceful place and send the good vibes to someone else, but the most powerful healing that can be is the one that comes straight from the heart and at times this changes the rules a little bit. The signs, the meditations, the hours of study, journaling, and understanding, asking and answering are our tools, our vehicles meant to take us from point A to point B, but healing is so much more than that.
Real healing happens when we connect our heart with our knowledge and wisdom, when we trust our spirit to know and feel when we go to that place of unconditional love where we can find all the wisdom of the Universe.
The gift of healing, my friends, is not being able to conduct the energy through our hands; anyone can learn to do it because this energy exists inside each and every one of us. The gift of healing is in the heart of the healer, is in the unconditional universal love that someone called to be a healer knows and feels.
Angel blessings!


If you wish to experience the peace and comfort of energy healing, in person or at distance, you  can contact me at angel.trinity44@yahoo.co.uk or fill the contact form.


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The second Reiki principle

Just for today, do not worry!

Why not worry? Because worry brings us into a state where we cannot see or think clearly. In that state all we can see is the negative side of the situation. On the earth we live in this world of duality. The light doesn’t exist without darkness and darkness doesn’t exist without light. We all have both inside and outside of us and there is a continuous struggle to let one of them direct our lives. The words we speak, the thoughts we think and the actions we take each moment will define what we bring into our life.

When we bring the worry in, we deny the light and love because this is a negative feeling; therefore it feeds itself from the darkness. What comes from light is love, what comes from darkness is fear.


Everything else derives from this simple idea. When we worry our mind is in fact creating negative scenarios, so it is creating fear. We get scared about that possible negative outcome of our situation and we have the capacity of staying in this state for so long time. If I tell you now to say “I love myself” 500 times in a day you will tell me this is impossible. Still if something worries you, you can think of it for a whole day, allowing your mind to tap into the worse possible stories you could ever imagine. That is because our minds are trained to allow worry in much easier than the love. Mass media promotes fear, the society show us fear, we learn at home and in school to be afraid and it becomes natural for us to look at the darkness rather than the light.


If we watch the news we will see mostly the bad things that happen in the world and that brings fear into our minds, no matter how brave we are. So many movies show violence to a degree inflicting the fear based thoughts into our minds and we get so used to it. But you see, you can allow fear, worry, and upsetting thoughts into your life and feel miserable or in the same situation you can at any time choose to change it with loving thoughts that will bring you loving feelings. Then those loving feelings will change your vibration, you will tap into the light of this world and rep its benefits. You will smile more, positive people will instinctively feel drawn to you, and good experiences will come to you because you attract what you are.


What we think we create says the law of attraction. And it is that simple and it goes down to the simplest, basic thoughts in our mind, the ones we may not even be aware of. When we choose to make a change, in fact we choose to change our thoughts. A time comes when we say “no more”. No more worry, no more negative thoughts and feelings, no more darkness, and then we stand up strong and take a courageous step towards the light, towards taking our lives in our hands. Then we decide to do something, to change something, to act upon becoming happy and fulfilled. That is the moment we stop worrying and start living.


So let’s try to imagine a day, just today, without any worrying thought. Whenever we feel a worrying thought, a fear based thought, we can just change it in a positive, loving one. It goes as simple as if I look at the weather forecast and see tomorrow is going to rain all day I will instinctively think: oh, it is going to be a bad, cloudy, cold, wet day. At that moment, when I notice how bad I feel about tomorrow I can simply choose to say: tomorrow is going to be a wet day and the sun will shine in my heart, or tomorrow I am going to wear that nice colourful blouse that will make me feel wonderful even on a rainy day. It is that simple to change a worrying thought with a loving one and it starts with the basic, with rainy days, or the thought of arriving late at work, or thinking about what impression we will make ion someone we are about to meet. Later we can learn to look within our mind, find ourselves worrying for important things in our lives, our children, family members, safety, and so on. For any of these situations it is in the end a choice on what kind of thoughts to think. Worry can at any time be changed for love with simple affirmations we choose to say to our minds.


It is the intention that starts it and the practice that implements it. The 5 Reiki principles are in fact defining a loving peaceful life, if we choose to live by them every day. And the one baby step we can take today is to not worry.
Be blessed with loving positive thoughts now and forever!


If you wish to learn more about Reiki, learn how to practice it and bring light, love and joy into your life, join me at the Reiki Usui course I will teach on 4th of June 2017 at 10:00 AM at Angel Trinity Oxford or you can opt for a distant attunement on the same day. For more information you can contct me at angel.trinity44@yahoo.co.uk or fill the contact form here on Contact page.


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