What is Reiki energy healing
Reiki healing is a spiritual evolution system which allows humans to access the universal energy source. Reiki is healing and by healing I mean either physical healing or the healing of your soul, past or future events or situations in your life. This concept exists everywhere on earth in different systems and it is called bio-energy, light, prana, chi or ki.


The difference between the systems used is the way the energy is accessed and then used or conducted. In Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Tao the energy is taken from the air or stars. In Christianity the energy is taken through prayer, communion, and holy water directly from the Universe. Reiki healing is accessing the energy directly from the Universe at a high vibrational level, through symbols.


There are different Reiki healing systems and also other energy healing systems, using symbols or not. Apart from the traditional Usui Reiki, in my practice I use Karuna Reiki, Shambala Reiki, AmaDeus shamanic healing, Seichim and Life Force Energy Healing. The choice of one or more systems to be used during a healing session is done considering the purpose of the session, the person’s health state and the guidance received from the Healing Angels who facilitate these sessions.


What do you benefit from Reiki?

– heal your mind, body and spirit;
– it adapts to each person’s needs;
– helps to achieve meditative states;
– promotes personal awareness;
– enhances spiritual connection;
– fosters natural self- healing;
– relaxes and reduces stress;
– balances energies in the body;
– relieves pain and discomfort.


If you wish to experience the benefits of energy healing on yourself, learn how to practice Reiki healing on yourself and others or you are looking for more information about this system of working with the Light, please use below contact details or fill the form here.