They say when we heal others we heal ourselves too because light flows through us to the person we want to heal so that light heals us too. They say God gives us people that need to heal the same issues we need to heal ourselves, maybe because God wants us healed too or maybe because we become experts of those issues trying to heal them in ourselves.
What happens though when there is no person coming to be healed and we find ourselves in trouble? How do we heal then? How can we objectively see inside ourselves and take out what no longer serves us? How long do we need to work on it until we reach that light?


I found myself in this situation for the past weeks. I got myself to the point even doctors could not figure out yet where it comes from. I closed my throat that tight so not even water would go through it. This made me experience all sort of feelings: fear, anxiety, and desperation. I kept asking what the problem is, where it comes from, how and mostly when it will be healed. Doctors are doing their best to help but they can help physical causes and physical damages and they do it great as long as there is a cause of damage they can identify.


One thing I know is that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. If these thoughts are not of love towards ourselves, if we cannot balance giving and receiving, the first to suffer is our energy field. A change in our energy field that lasts long enough will then turn into a physical condition, be it a disease, a disorder, a physical blockage or an allergy. Yes, every physical condition has a mental cause and it takes a lot of inner work to identify and heal it. The benefit of healing the mental cause is that as long as our thoughts are repaired, our energy field restores to normal, the physical condition heals and thought change will prevent our body from creating the same warning again.


So here I was, trying to figure out what, why, when while feeling scared and out of balance until I happened to meet one nice old doctor who concluded: my throat has spasms that are created by something else. I felt it as a blessing to still be strong and healthy and at the same time it put me in a state of deep searching. If this is a thing of the mind, what causes it? Talking to this gentleman felt like a revelation, I thought if I created it than I must find a way to get to the root of it.


I came home and started to cry tears coming out of my chest, out of my heart. My body screamed: I am enough! I am enough just the way I am! I am perfect in my imperfection! I am a magnificent being and I deserve all the good that comes to me! I am made of love, I am a caring loving person and that’s enough! I am me and nobody else can do a better job at living my life than I do! I am enough and I love and approve myself exactly the way I am!


There it was! My revelation, my inner findings, my energetic stuff that made my body shut down from the struggle I was giving it. I wanted to jump into it and heal myself instantly but I have learned healing takes time and Divine time is the perfect time so for a few days I was repeating I am enough and this is not real whenever I was trying to sip water. And it worked most of the times because awareness is the first step in healing. When you find the cause, when you accept it as being what creates the condition, you already took the first step towards healing.


Still this was the first step and the second one came with prayers and asking for answers. How did I get there? How did I get to feeling as not being enough? How did I get to feeling I am not good? How did I distant myself from self-love and acceptance? And first I heard one word: overwhelmed. Then I knew, then I acknowledged, then I saw it: I gave the most I could at my day job knowing there were not enough people there and patients need help, I gave the most I could trying to manage home and energy work and my spiritual practice. I had no idea I was overwhelmed and didn’t even notice when I disconnected from myself while pushing my body and mind towards achieving the most I could. I forgot only one person in the world: me. I forgot I need rest, I forgot I need to recharge my batteries in order to continue to function, I forgot that if I am not strong and well, how am I to help others find their way? I forgot to care about my needs and wants.


I learned the hard lesson of depleting my energetic potential trying to make others happy. I learned again to take it slowly, one step at a time, one task for one day, one question answered at once and a lot of rest until I am again fully charged. It was reinforced in me something I already knew: every so called problem is in fact a blessing and when things don’t go the way I want I learned to think in fact I have no idea what God saved me from. If my body wouldn’t have given me this warning I would have gone further and maybe create something much worse than I did. If my body wouldn’t have slowed me down maybe I wouldn’t have found my healing path.


We take so much for granted believing it will always be there for us, thinking it is our right to have it. In fact all we own is our spirit and all the rest flows from there. We learn to be grateful for our achievements, our possessions, maybe our environment, people in our lives and we may forget at times that every single cell, thing, living being, nature’s creation around us is in fact a gift to be grateful for. This life is given to us for our spiritual growth and each of us has their own journey, their own lessons to learn, their own life to live.


Today I am grateful for being alive, for being strong, for the air I breath, for the water I drink, for the bed I sleep in, for the birds, grass and flowers in my back yard, for all the people I have ever met because each of them taught me something, for knowing love, compassion, empathy, for each opportunity to learn and grow, for each scar in my heart that made me stronger and shaped who I am today. Today I am simply grateful!


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The first Reiki principle

Just for today: I do not get angry!

There are times when we react to external factors through anger. Things we don’t like, things we disagree with, things we cannot accept make us to become angry. And then we react. We shout, we withdraw, we leave the physical space where we feel the anger, and maybe we count to 10, or take a deep breath. And sometimes we choose to speak hurtful words and then we say: “what can I do? I was angry?” or “I’m sorry I hurt you but please understand I was angry”.

The first Reiki principle teaches us to not get angry. It is not about staffing the anger inside, which can seriously harm the body and the spirit. It is not about hitting a pillow to calm down, or go in a forest and scream, but about trying to stay calm for as long as possible, more and more with each day.


Once the anger touched us, it becomes unstoppable and it depends on our inner strength to be able to keep ourselves from doing things we would deeply regret later. This happens because we give anger too many excuses and we learned to accept it as part of our lives. Whatever we accept deep inside our heart becomes true for us and we learned since early childhood that anger is part of our lives and we all know how to live with it. We see those around us getting angry and learn that anger is something normal and we accept it with all our hearts. If only we would know to accept happiness in the same way….

One good practice in keeping our calm and stay centred is the declaration of will. The morning declaration about who we are today. So, as simple as that, each morning after waking up, face the East or the window, take a deep breath and say: “Just for today, I do not get angry”. If you wish to keep the principle of not speaking sentences containing a form of “no”, simply change this into; “Just for today, I keep my calm”. If you want to add to this enjoying some deep breaths, looking outside at how the nature begins the day or opening a window and listening to the birds sing, you can only feel your mind, body and spirit coming together and you will connect with your Higher Self much easier.


Whatever we declare early in the morning is what we become during that day. So starting the day with a positive sentence, one that helps you develop yourself is healing in all aspects of your life. And when you declare the intention of staying calm, or not getting angry, you will start noticing that situations that used to make you angry simply don’t happen anymore. Your Angels, your God, Fate or whatever you believe in, will welcome your decision and work behind the scenes so you go through calm situations. It’s like during one of my previous employments where my boss didn’t really love me and the feeling was mutual until the day I decided to stop being frustrated by her feelings for me and started sending her only love. Of course she ended up loving me and regretting I was leaving when the time came.

Whatever we hold on strong with feelings of worry, anger, fear, and control will only bring us unhappiness or short moments of contentment among unhappy feelings. Because the energy of fear is the opposite of love. When we learn to let go, to understand some things are not under our control and there’s nothing we can do about it, we manage to shift into our inner harmony. This is the state that cannot be altered by anything and anyone. Our perceptions change, our priorities change and we start seeing the world through different eyes. And one day we wake up and decide to change our way of living because the old one simply doesn’t seem right anymore. When we find inner peace, we found everything.
And inner peace can sometimes begin with the 5 Reiki principles, the first being:

Just for today, do not anger


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