Just for today: I do not get angry!

There are times when we react to external factors through anger. Things we don’t like, things we disagree with, things we cannot accept make us to become angry. And then we react. We shout, we withdraw, we leave the physical space where we feel the anger, and maybe we count to 10, or take a deep breath. And sometimes we choose to speak hurtful words and then we say: “what can I do? I was angry?” or “I’m sorry I hurt you but please understand I was angry”.

The first Reiki principle teaches us to not get angry. It is not about staffing the anger inside, which can seriously harm the body and the spirit. It is not about hitting a pillow to calm down, or go in a forest and scream, but about trying to stay calm for as long as possible, more and more with each day.


Once the anger touched us, it becomes unstoppable and it depends on our inner strength to be able to keep ourselves from doing things we would deeply regret later. This happens because we give anger too many excuses and we learned to accept it as part of our lives. Whatever we accept deep inside our heart becomes true for us and we learned since early childhood that anger is part of our lives and we all know how to live with it. We see those around us getting angry and learn that anger is something normal and we accept it with all our hearts. If only we would know to accept happiness in the same way….

One good practice in keeping our calm and stay centred is the declaration of will. The morning declaration about who we are today. So, as simple as that, each morning after waking up, face the East or the window, take a deep breath and say: “Just for today, I do not get angry”. If you wish to keep the principle of not speaking sentences containing a form of “no”, simply change this into; “Just for today, I keep my calm”. If you want to add to this enjoying some deep breaths, looking outside at how the nature begins the day or opening a window and listening to the birds sing, you can only feel your mind, body and spirit coming together and you will connect with your Higher Self much easier.


Whatever we declare early in the morning is what we become during that day. So starting the day with a positive sentence, one that helps you develop yourself is healing in all aspects of your life. And when you declare the intention of staying calm, or not getting angry, you will start noticing that situations that used to make you angry simply don’t happen anymore. Your Angels, your God, Fate or whatever you believe in, will welcome your decision and work behind the scenes so you go through calm situations. It’s like during one of my previous employments where my boss didn’t really love me and the feeling was mutual until the day I decided to stop being frustrated by her feelings for me and started sending her only love. Of course she ended up loving me and regretting I was leaving when the time came.

Whatever we hold on strong with feelings of worry, anger, fear, and control will only bring us unhappiness or short moments of contentment among unhappy feelings. Because the energy of fear is the opposite of love. When we learn to let go, to understand some things are not under our control and there’s nothing we can do about it, we manage to shift into our inner harmony. This is the state that cannot be altered by anything and anyone. Our perceptions change, our priorities change and we start seeing the world through different eyes. And one day we wake up and decide to change our way of living because the old one simply doesn’t seem right anymore. When we find inner peace, we found everything.
And inner peace can sometimes begin with the 5 Reiki principles, the first being:

Just for today, do not anger


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