Just for today, do not worry!

Why not worry? Because worry brings us into a state where we cannot see or think clearly. In that state all we can see is the negative side of the situation. On the earth we live in this world of duality. The light doesn’t exist without darkness and darkness doesn’t exist without light. We all have both inside and outside of us and there is a continuous struggle to let one of them direct our lives. The words we speak, the thoughts we think and the actions we take each moment will define what we bring into our life.

When we bring the worry in, we deny the light and love because this is a negative feeling; therefore it feeds itself from the darkness. What comes from light is love, what comes from darkness is fear.


Everything else derives from this simple idea. When we worry our mind is in fact creating negative scenarios, so it is creating fear. We get scared about that possible negative outcome of our situation and we have the capacity of staying in this state for so long time. If I tell you now to say “I love myself” 500 times in a day you will tell me this is impossible. Still if something worries you, you can think of it for a whole day, allowing your mind to tap into the worse possible stories you could ever imagine. That is because our minds are trained to allow worry in much easier than the love. Mass media promotes fear, the society show us fear, we learn at home and in school to be afraid and it becomes natural for us to look at the darkness rather than the light.


If we watch the news we will see mostly the bad things that happen in the world and that brings fear into our minds, no matter how brave we are. So many movies show violence to a degree inflicting the fear based thoughts into our minds and we get so used to it. But you see, you can allow fear, worry, and upsetting thoughts into your life and feel miserable or in the same situation you can at any time choose to change it with loving thoughts that will bring you loving feelings. Then those loving feelings will change your vibration, you will tap into the light of this world and rep its benefits. You will smile more, positive people will instinctively feel drawn to you, and good experiences will come to you because you attract what you are.


What we think we create says the law of attraction. And it is that simple and it goes down to the simplest, basic thoughts in our mind, the ones we may not even be aware of. When we choose to make a change, in fact we choose to change our thoughts. A time comes when we say “no more”. No more worry, no more negative thoughts and feelings, no more darkness, and then we stand up strong and take a courageous step towards the light, towards taking our lives in our hands. Then we decide to do something, to change something, to act upon becoming happy and fulfilled. That is the moment we stop worrying and start living.


So let’s try to imagine a day, just today, without any worrying thought. Whenever we feel a worrying thought, a fear based thought, we can just change it in a positive, loving one. It goes as simple as if I look at the weather forecast and see tomorrow is going to rain all day I will instinctively think: oh, it is going to be a bad, cloudy, cold, wet day. At that moment, when I notice how bad I feel about tomorrow I can simply choose to say: tomorrow is going to be a wet day and the sun will shine in my heart, or tomorrow I am going to wear that nice colourful blouse that will make me feel wonderful even on a rainy day. It is that simple to change a worrying thought with a loving one and it starts with the basic, with rainy days, or the thought of arriving late at work, or thinking about what impression we will make ion someone we are about to meet. Later we can learn to look within our mind, find ourselves worrying for important things in our lives, our children, family members, safety, and so on. For any of these situations it is in the end a choice on what kind of thoughts to think. Worry can at any time be changed for love with simple affirmations we choose to say to our minds.


It is the intention that starts it and the practice that implements it. The 5 Reiki principles are in fact defining a loving peaceful life, if we choose to live by them every day. And the one baby step we can take today is to not worry.
Be blessed with loving positive thoughts now and forever!


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