When you think about spiritual awakening you would expect heavenly experiences with bells and whistles. This can be true, though this is only the final frontier. Awakening is in fact a long and painful process that comes in waves. You don’t get more than you can take at once and when you think it is done and you reached the end of it, another stage comes in.


Spiritual awakening opens your eyes to the reality of who you are, where you live, what you do. It will show you the good, the magnificent being you are, it will connect you with all that exists. Then it will show you all the wrong choices you made and how you can learn from them. It will show you how this world is heading towards destruction and make you understand sometimes you need to let something die before you build something new.  It will make you question all your choices from a spiritual perspective.

Yes, we can talk about awakening, how it goes, what to expect, how you can get easier through it. We can talk about expectations but nobody can save you from the pain of the process. Some may understand you and emphasise, others will not even get your words. Most of the times your inner feelings, your inner questions cannot be answered by someone outside of you. The more you go towards the Light, the more alone the path becomes.


You can take attunements like Reiki or Christ Light, you can start praying and meditating with deeper techniques. It will help you grow faster, it will open your eyes wider, but you still have to go through that lonely time when you ask and God answers. You will still have to let something inside you die before you reborn.


This is like the story of the eagle. An eagle can choose to live 40 or 70 years. At 40 eagle’s feathers become torn and it cannot fly as high and fast as it could before. Its claws and beak become dull, preventing it to be able to catch its prey. At this point the eagle has 2 options. It can let go and die or it can go through the transformation.


The eagle will go at the top of a mountain, rub its feathers against rocks and rip them off to allow new ones to grow. It will hit its claws and beak on the rocks until they will become sharp again. This is a very painful process that eagle will go through alone, just to come back to the necessary shape that will allow it to live and hunt for 30 more years.


And guess what? Eagles will choose to go through the pain of transformation and will live the next 30 years flying high in the skies.

What I found interesting in this story is that humans are going to an over 40 transformation too. When you cross the line of 40, your life changes with or without you. You’ll start feeling your age in all your body and especially in your mind. You feel time becomes limited. You can no longer think: I have a life time ahead of me to do this or that. You just realise your time becomes limited and the time ahead is shorter than the time behind.


At this point you have 2 choices. You can grow old and wait for death to come, or you can make the choice to live 30 amazing years.


It is not easy for us to change. It is not easy for us to open our eyes, look clearly at all we are and what we do and many times understand that our ways are not the right ways for us.


It can be the unhealthy choices you make every day, it may be that you are not happy with your career, or your relationships are not filled with love and respect. It may be that you are not happy with the place you live, your circle of friends who don’t resonate with you. It may be anything that doesn’t go the way you want and it requires a change.


If you want to change you need to go through the eagle reborn process. When your spirit awakens to its true nature, it will demolish all you learned from your family, school and society. You need to let go of all ideas, thoughts, principles that are no longer part of you so you can allow your spirit to fly high. You have the die inside before you are reborn.


Awakening can shake off all your life, but the difference is that it will leave instead the light and love you are made of. When you make the choice to let go and let God, your eyes open. One day you may discover what a great person lives within you and decide to let that person grow.

I would so love to hear about your awakening story or to answer your questions on the matter. Please leave a comment below and let’s have a friendly awakened chat.


As always, Angel blessings!

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