Most of the overweight people are highly sensitive human beings. They usually have a stronger connection with the unseen world, they are highly intuitive and usually are gifted in special ways, even if they are not aware of it.


Because they are over-sensitive, deep inside they feel they need protection and their body tries to help by building a protective wall around so nothing and nobody can pass through and hurt them.

They say overweight people are more cheerful, look happier or are more kind than others. On the other hand they say thin people are not so sensitive and they can appear as mean or selfish. But in truth, these are only ways we perceive the others from outside and these ways are so much influenced by the society we live in.


In fact the basic reason for being overweight, beyond hormonal levels or endocrine imbalances, stays in the way we love. Yes, the way we love ourselves and the way we love others. My first observation was the reasons that thin people have to do anything possible and even the impossible to stay like that versus the reason why overweight people don’t seem to find the right way for themselves to do this. And the reality is that thin people want it for themselves, for the way they feel, for the way they can do thei things they want, for the way they live their lives. An overweight person will usually want to lose the weight to please certain family members, to please the society or maybe if their health is at risk. They don’t need to do it for themselves because for them the earthly physical appearance doesn’t mean much. They are more connected with the Divine and they know clearly that there is more to our existence than only this life stage.


And then I wondered why some people love so much they way they look, the easiness of doing what they want or the way they care about society’s rules. And I found the obvious answer: thin people know how to love themselves. They know what their heart needs and also what their body needs. They love themselves to the point they know instinctively what harms their bodies and they don’t so such things. Because the overweight people love unconditionally everybody else but themselves, they have this sacrifice spirit to the extend where they can hurt themselves unknowingly just because they are too busy trying to make others happy, trying to help even when there’s no more help to give. Overweight people are the biggest givers.


This post is not meant to show a right or wrong way. It is necessary for us to love ourselves and our bodies because they are our home during this life time, and it is also necessary to know how to love the others, how to give without expectations, how to be happy just because we made someone else happy. So this is just my newest discovery while wondering what could be the basic cause why some of us simply cannot lose the excessive weight.


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